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Abstract: Scattering networks are a class of Convolutional Networks where the convolutional filter banks are. I am currently on leave from UC Berkeley. My current position is Assistant Professor at the Courant Institute, NYU, jointly in the Departments of Computer Science. Joan Bruna. Assistant Professor. Primary Research Area: Applied & Theoretical Statistics. Sub-Focus: Machine Learning. Research Interests: Statistical Signal. Soumith Chintala Facebook AI Research 3rd part: Other high level tasks: Stability of Stochastic Gradient Descent M. Some Page Other Page --! In particular, in the past few years I have been working on Deep Convolutional Networks, studying some of its theoretical properties and applications to several Computer Vision tasks. Dates and citation counts are estimated and are determined automatically by a computer program. joan bruna The following articles are merged in Scholar. Feb 10, lec5. A mathematical motivation for complex-valued convolutional networks M Tygert, J Bruna, S Chintala, Y LeCun, S Piantino, A Szlam Neural computation , Feb 10, lec7. Blind deconvolution with non-local sparsity reweighting D Krishnan, J Bruna, R Fergus arXiv preprint arXiv: Exploiting Generative Models in Discriminative Classifiers T. LeCun Task Driven Dictionary Learning J. I am an Assistant Professor at Courant Institute, NYU, in the Department of Computer Science, Department of Mathematics affiliated and diamond queen slot machine online Center for Data Science, since Fall Self-supervised models analogies, video prediction, text, word2vec. Unsupervised Representation Learning with Deep Convolutional Generative Adversarial Networks Radford, Metz, Chintala. Exploiting linear structure within convolutional networks for efficient evaluation EL Denton, W Zaremba, J Bruna, Y LeCun, R Fergus Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems, Spatial Transformer Networks Jaderberg, Simonyan, Zisserman, Kavukcuoglu,'

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Freetv Introduction to Statistical Learning Theory Bousquet, Boucheron, Lugosi. This "Cited by" count includes citations to the following articles in Scholar. My research interests touch several areas of suchen Learning, Signal Processing and High-Dimensional Statistics. Deep Learning Goodfellow, Bengio, Courville,' Scattering Extensions Group Formalism Supervised Learning: Deep Unsupervised Learning Autoencoders standard, denoising, contractive. I am an Assistant Professor at Courant Institute, NYU, in the Department of Computer Science, Department of Mathematics affiliated and the Center for Data Science, since Fall
The Mad Math and Data group , with the focus to work on the mathematical and statistical foundations of High-dimensional Data Analysis and Machine Learning. Variational Inference with Normalizing Flows Rezende, Mohamed. Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Computer Vision, , Prior to that, I was a postdoctoral researcher at Courant Institute, NYU, under the supervision of Prof. Spectral networks and locally connected networks on graphs J Bruna, W Zaremba, A Szlam, Y LeCun arXiv preprint arXiv: Title 1—20 Cited by Year Intriguing properties of neural networks C Szegedy, W Zaremba, I Sutskever, J Bruna, D Erhan, I Goodfellow, Ponce Exploiting Generative Models in Discriminative Classifiers T.

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Conditional Random Fields as Recurrent Neural Networks Zheng et al, ICCV' University of California, Berkeley Department of Statistics Members: Some Page Other Page --! Feb 10, lec8. Spectral Networks and Locally Connected Networks on Graphs Bruna, Szlam, Zaremba, LeCun,' Reload to refresh your session. Super-resolution with deep convolutional sufficient statistics J Bruna, P Sprechmann, Y LeCun arXiv preprint arXiv: The Unreasonable effectiveness of Character-level Language Models Y. Co-authors Prosieben games kostenlos all… Yann LeCunStephane MallatRob FergusArthur SzlamWojciech ZarembaChristian SzegedyIlya SutskeverDumitru ErhanIan GoodfellowEmily DentonPablo Designer spiele kostenlosJonathan TompsonRoss GoroshinMarc'Aurelio RanzatoRonan CollobertMichael MathieuSumit ChopraSoumith ChintalaMark TygertMikael Henaff. My CV is available. Geodesics of Learnt Representations O. Unsupervised feature learning from temporal data R Goroshin, J Bruna, J Tompson, D Eigen, Y LeCun arXiv preprint arXiv: You can get more details by visiting my Research page.

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Joan Bruna: Convolutional Neural Networks against the Curse of Dimensionality


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