Grey goose rating

grey goose rating

Tell us what you think of Grey Goose Vodka. Review. Summary. Rating: None. Submit. Saving Also from Grey Goose Branded Vodka Distillery. • Grey Goose. Grey Goose is a 40% ABV vodka from France. The vodka is produced by Bacardi & Company Limited and imported by Sidney Frank Importing. Crystal-clear and pure. Nose is unabashedly smoky in the first nosings; aeration smoothes it out as fetching aromas of mint, harvested grain. I think it survives on reputation alone, and it doesn't deserve the good reputation it has. I gave Grey Goose to the tried-and-true Simply Orange screwdriver. Daniel Way over priced and way over hyped, dont get me wrong its perfectly drinkable but i'd far rather buy a bottle of Beluga for a few quid more My next purchase once I drink a few bottles of these others will be the sobiski, everyone seems to love it. For the money, get Chopin instead, it is vastly superior in all respects, but I'd rate this worse than even cheaper brands like Skyy. Reply Published July 12, Well the Goose team has it figured out. I personally liked it much more that Svedka, but I agree that the price tag leads to purchasing another bottle as unacceptable if there are any other options available. Jimmyman Way overrated and overpriced. Rich I gave it a 3 because of the price. Liann Grey Goose is tremendously overrated, it has an unpleasant flavor and always leaves me feeling sick the next day after just 1 vodka martini. Ready to Jump back on board? You bring it to the party, offer it to the host much cooler to bring a premium Vodka that a bottle of wine, IMHO. My twin brother likes this stuff. Do not reproduce without permission! Host says "let's try this, what's it called again, Grey Goose that you brought" You get your Premium drink. July 28, , 6: Fred Reply Published August 14, 7: grey goose rating Well the Goose team has it figured. I think this is why most Eastern European vodkas have a bite and why other vodkas from the Netherlands, Western Europe and America aim for flavorless. Andrew Reply Published January 02, Meh, not undrinkable but best left. Makes a Risiko als app that you can sip and truly enjoy the flavor. The Box Best Vodka I've had yet We were unable to save your vote.

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Reply Published July 20, 6: I was so sick yall. Too reminiscent of rubbing alcohol and hospitals. There has been a huge explosion of brands since the Grey Goose review and rating they used in their marketing. Reply Published August 19, 9: Maybe I will change my review after I finish my 1.

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